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The islands and the coastline of Greece definitely make it stand out among many countries of the world. Because apart from the unique combination of white – blue, there is a rich history and facts that many do not know. Tradition and gastronomy, beauty of nature and hospitality of the inhabitants in a unique combination. One of the villages that stand out in the Aegean and specifically in the Cyclades is located in Naxos.

The reason for Apeiranthos. This famous and beautiful village of Cyclades hides more than you can imagine. And there is a reason we say that it stands out because it has something from Crete.

The village of Cyclades that stands out because it has something from Crete

Apeiranthos is a beautiful village of mountainous Naxos, in the heart of the island. There, at the foot of Mount Fanari, it is “climbed” at an altitude of about 600 meters at a distance of about 30 kilometers from the town of Naxos. This is a small and traditional stone village.about: blank

Apeiranthos is a traditional stone village. What makes it stand out is the fact that it has elements of Crete. And first of all is the dialect. Therefore, due to the similarity of culture, dialect, manners and customs, ability in poetry and music with Crete, specifically Sfakia and Anogia, it is probable that a large percentage of the population of Apeiranthos comes from there. There is, however, the version that the inhabitants of the village come from the coast of Asia Minor.

The village of the Cyclades that stands out because it has something from Crete

It is mentioned in 1413 by the traveler Christopher Buodelmodi as a remarkable village. Its inhabitants are engaged in animal husbandry, emery, while after the 80’s also in tourism.

At the entrance of Apeiranthos there is still something very impressive. It is the imposing Zevgolis tower of the 17th century, built on a rock. This tower is the starting point for the tour of the interior of the village, characterized as a traditional settlement since 1978.

Do not lose:

If you are in Naxos and specifically in Apeiranthos, you should definitely visit Panagia Argokoiliotissa. It is near Koronos, in the settlement of Argokili, it is the monastery of Panagia Argokiliotissa with the miraculous icon. The monastery celebrates the Life-Giving Spring and becomes the largest pilgrimage on Naxos, where hundreds of worshipers flock from all parts of the island, according to exploringgreece.

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